We create turnkey solar power solutions for businesses and institutions.
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CEESOLAR is a specialist company that designs, procures and installs turnkey solar power systems for businesses and institutions.

We first started out only carrying out energy audits to show our customers the potential savings from using solar power. But soon, we realized that most of our energy audit customers ended up sourcing solar systems that were poorly designed, used low quality materials, and did not last long.

As some of our clients turned to us for a way forward, we decided that we needed to be able to bring-to-life our energy audit recommendations. That is why we now only carry out turnkey solar power projects from energy audit to installation.

We approach every project with a proven system which you will be a part of that leads to the completion of successful projects
Energy Audit
We dispatch our field engineers to your site to carry out an energy audit to understand your present and future energy demand capacity and patterns.
Engineering Design
Based on our study of your energy demand, our in-house technical team evaluates different feasible solutions before recommending and designing the optimal solution for your business.
Our procurement specialists leverage our relationships with vendors to carefully source the best quality materials needed for your solar power installation at competitive prices.
After receiving upfront payment for installation charges, we proceed to carry out the installation of your solar power system.
Hotel Resort
Business Need: Commercial Mini-grid
Execution Time: 14 Days
Project Location: Imo State

CEESOLAR was tasked with providing a solar power system in several hotel buildings for supplying lighting points, electrical sockets, TVs, and fridges all day and night.

A thorough energy audit was done and we calculated the energy demand of all electrical equipment and identified those to be powered by our solar power system. The hotel has been running fulltime on diesel generators due to unavailability of grid power supply. We designed and installed a unique 9kW solar power system that supplied power to all the 54 rooms of the hotel.

Four rooms are occupied most of the time, we designed the system to be able to power all equipment in the 4 rooms for 24 hours consistently including air conditioners and water heaters. This resulted 60% savings in diesel costs.

Bank ATM
Business Need: Backup Energy Source
Execution Time: 14 Days
Project Location: Lagos State

A top-tier bank required uninterrupted power supply to 4 ATM machines located on a busy street in Lagos.

Using Canadian panels, European inverters & charge controllers, and American industrial batteries, CEESOLAR engineers were able to install a system than provided enough uninterrupted power supply especially in peak periods.

The reason why this installation outlasts the competition is because we do not go cheap on design and materials. We always ensure that our installations are based on approved designs and our materials meet the high-quality standards from European/America.

Company Street Lights
Business Need: Illuminating Construction Site
Execution Time: 2 Days
Project Location: Abuja, Nigeria

CEESOLAR was asked to install solar street lights in the main base of a company in Abuja.

Grid supply was unavailable in the area while the main base while construction was underway. The company's management reached out to us to recommend the best locations for their street lights to enable construction activities to continue into the night. We were also asked to carry out an energy audit of the whole premise.

From our energy audit, we were able to recommend the transformer size suitable for the premises and also recommended an optimal solar system which we will be installing to provide their basic energy needs.

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